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National Zombie Park
National Zombie Park is a survival-roguelike game with procedurally generated world filled with zombies. Any second can become your last in this dangerous area. You always have to think twice before making another shot - bullets are extremely hard to find and the bang noises can attract even more zombies.How long do you think you can survive in National Zombie Park?Features Realism in details: possibility of dying after a single bite, realistic weapon reload, flashlight requires battery charge, weapon weight affects characters moving speed, etc. Endless procedurally generated open world Dynamic day and night cycles, weather changes Different types of zombies with unique features Constant difficulty level increase A lot of different weapons Variety of special equipment like night-vision device, flashlights, etc. 2 player co-op The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4...
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Cowboy zombie
Cheerful game with the drawn graphics and atmospheric music of the wild West. The zombie's cowboy - will teach you to consider quickly figures or will check your mathematical skills. Solve examples and don't make a mistake. Several types of the zombie and several animal species. Keep in a saddle and bridle the boundless world of mathematics with the Cowboy Zombie....
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You have to survive versus zombies in your armored car, drive carefully, there's a lot of obstacles....
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Ultimate Russian Zombie Rush
Russian man must stop the zombie apocalypse. You have to endlessly shoot, blow up, burn stupid zombies, pass 40 different levels and meet the main evil man of the game. As usual. You have some types of guns and some objects on the levels which will help you to complete the game. This is my interpretation of games about zombies. This game is not like the others in zombie topic.Damned zombies are attacking one russian town.Play as a russian guy and kill all zombies you can see on your way! the reason of this madness is awaiting you in the end...Features:40 different crazy levelsdifferent weapons to kill your enemiesdifferent enemies to eat some bulletsdifferent ways to kill zombies...
Retail price: $3.99
Zombie Boom
Another blasting opportunity for you!Only this time with a whole bunch of zombies...LEVELSTake the chance to clear 60 levels full of brain-eating zeds and save your friends' body parts.Get ready for a big ZOMBIE BOOM!...
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Racing-scroller against the zombies! ZombieCarz this scroller with a cool hand-drawn graphics and dynamic gameplay! In ZombieCarz you play as a driver who has stolen the zombies unique cars. You need to save people, to destroy the zombies and restore the machine. You can buy 3 types of machines, machine guns and several types of protection to more violently destroy zombies and win quickly. Crush and shoot zombies. Win zombies leaders. Do not forget to pump your car - otherwise the victory he will flee from you....
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