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Cube Master
Cube Master, seemingly simple platformer with a cubic design, the task of which is the passage of the rooms.You must to go through 5 unique locations, each of which includes 10 hard rooms, you can sometimes think what this rooms are impassable, but not more then 10 seconds are given on each level.If you became to be trapped - will have to go through the all location again! There are no saves, no mercy!...
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Cube Master: Light Adventure
Dive headlong into a dark and fearful world. It seems that this game is very simple and can not be delayed, but it's not true. From the first minutes of the game, you start chaotically searching for the exit in complete darkness....
Retail price: $0.99
Piximalism - hardcore platformer with beautiful pixel graphics. Beware of enemies and spikes. Try your skills! Many difficult levels are waiting for you! Game Features: -A lot of difficult levels -Beautiful pixel graphics -1 Achievement -Trading cards...
Retail price: $0.99
Hello From Indiana
I present to you a game called "HELLO FROM INDIANA" in which you will need to:Find all the keys to open the next levelTo bypass all obstaclesFind a way out of difficult mazesWelcome to the universe of Indiana.The idea of the game of course indie game.The result is quite fresh and quality.In the future I'll be a game creator to add the levels, obstacles, enemies.In looking for is game based I-style "jump and evasion".I think this game is you enjoy and it will be in everyone's library.Thank you for your attention, have a nice day!...
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KEK Story
Hardcore, colorful and addictive game is waiting for you!* large amount of levels - not boring* Hardcore - this game you'll remember for a long time, dear player ...* History - the plot will cause think about deep philosophical matters, dear man ..* Colorful - you will certainly enjoy the visual part, we have tried very hard for your eyes, dear graphomaniac...
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Sandbox, multiplayer, open world game in a few steps. The game also with several different gameplay modes such as Death Match, Survival Horror, and Zombie Swarm. You can create your world, customize your rules, and enjoy the games with your friends....
Retail price: $0.99
The history about a Little alligator.With your help, will be able to pass this alligator after a hard way.He met a lot of monsters, adventures, puzzles.We have worms, zombies, stone, monsters, shooting monsters.In the future we want to implement:-achievements.-trading cards.-a lot of challenging levels....
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Nicolay's Adventure
Small game about Nikolay's adventures. your house from monsters. Game features: -Nice small story -Battles with monsters -Interesting town...
Retail price: $0.99
Catacomb Explorers
Explore the ancient catacombs. They keep many secrets. Catacomb explorers is a casual platformer with nice pixel art graphics....
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