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Ball of Light
Ball of Light - is an atmospheric adventure in which you have to demonstrate skills. Take the challenge of nature! In your control is real fireball with different opportunities .Pass all 7 tests nonstop. You have limited amount of energy, you should spend it wisely, expect to attack and moving. Only standing will not work! ENJOY the VIEW! Beautiful image Unreal Engine 4 will allow to enjoy the picturesque view of nature. Every new level is not same as next. Will not be bored! You are waiting for dangerous snow mountains, hot lava underground and misty expanse. BE CFREFUL! In all tests you are waiting for dangerous enemies! You must decide with whom to fight, but whom you must to pass by and not to fight in battle, because energy may not be enough, and have to start the level over again. Have a good trip....
Retail price: $3.99
Finnish Roller
IntroductionFinnish Roller is a simplistic 3D rollerball game. Choose with over 10 different types of ball to play as across 28 levels, 4 separate worlds, each categorized based on difficulty. The objective of the game is to reach the end point of each level alive! End of level is finish line and treasure chestBeware of things like the lava, fire, bots & laser beams, Toxic cans, cactuses, fishes etc. In open worlds there are treasure hidden to someplace and player have to find itThere is also health pick-ups like bananas and apples.GameplayUser may pick their preferred level and world along with preferred ball. The object is to simply complete the level with the necessary objective. As they progress to each different level and difficulty, the game becomes more challenging with more obstacles to clear along with more ways to be eliminated, making it harder for them.Features:- 28 levels- 4 open world- over 10 ball material- ALSO GAME HAS NOW PARTIAL CONTROLLER SUPPORT...
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Score a goal (Physical football)
It's a physical game, whose main task is to score the ball into the goal. On your side and against you, only the laws of physics. All the controls in the game by using the computer mouse. Depending on the level will be various conditions of interaction of the player with the surrounding world. There are disappearing blocks, falling blocks, disappearing blocks, mines, ice, balls and so on. Level design is arranged in such a way that in some levels there are only one or several options for solving the problem (score a goal), while on some levels can be a lot of solutions. Success in the solution of a level depends not only on Your mind, but just from your reaction. Playing this game should remember one thing: using the same initial data we get the same result, so hesitated for a second at one time or another, probably will depend on whether you will score the ball into the goal. In this game, as expected Steam trading cards and new levels....
Retail price: $9.99
Ball of Wonder
Clowns are freak you out? It's time to revenge! Ball of Wonder is an arkanoid style game, in the magnicifent world of circuses. Play througth 50 levels in 9 game mode alone or in cooperate with your friend. Destroy the puzzle elements, Ferris wheel' steats and clowns. Ball of Wonder has 9 different power-ups and you need to activate them manualy. If you have some power-up at the and of the level, you will got them in the next one. Remember, there is 9 different game mode in Ball of Wonder, like: -Destroy everything -Gather points -Pop up the balloons -Destroy everything in the dark -etc Oh, and before i forgot: there's two boss fight too...one of them is againts a big, bad clown. Go and catch it!...
Retail price: $8.99
"Glow Ball" - The billiard puzzle game
Physics based puzzle game type of billiards.If you like billiard games or love pool then this game is for you!Features:- New view on the game of billiards- Unusual and challenging levels- Each level is unique in its design- Each level has its own innovations- Beautiful dynamic lighting- The leisurely meditative gameplay- Atmospheric soundtrackMusic in video: "Cool Vibes" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech com)...
Retail price: $2.99
Simple Ball: Extended Edition
New puzzle!Try again!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128370/Try_again/Physical puzzle!https://store.steampowered.com/app/876890/Draw_It_2/About the GameClassic hardcore Arkanoid with interesting bonuses and advanced physics is back on personal computers with new graphics!In a parallel universe, where there is a completely different form of life - there was a simple ball, which is to go through a difficult test of a measure and come back to your world ...Features:More than 90 unique and challenging levels16 random bonusesArcade gameplay based on sleight of handVivid special effects of light and shadowSlowly increasing complexityThe game has a plot rolls.------------------------------------------Music in the main menu - Bulat Mustafin!http://promodj.com/bulomanhttps://soundcloud.com/buloman------------------------------------------...
Retail price: $1.99
Hyper color ball
game PlayHyper color ball is a casual, difficult game. The game-play mechanics are based on testing your focus and dexterity skills. With a fast paced, upbeat soundtrack and a strong vibrant colours. Hyper color ball makes for a fantastic party game. You play as the Hyper ball, try to not collide with the elements. Collect green balls which give you points and health boost.color BeatHyper color ball uses our 'Color beat' system, the game tracks the frequency of the music and shifts the in-game colors accordingly.The Hyper ball will also change color depending on your health, watch out for the elements!Hyper color ball was conceived during Castle game jam 2016!Most Important features: Skins Better color dynamic Achievements Audio player lite Add your music (wav or ogg)...
Warning: We explicitly sell the key to this game as invalid because based on our experience with the game's publisher/developer: The publisher is notorious for shady activities, so we assume this key is likely used already.
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These colorful ninjas received a training in JumpBall. This is the Road Mode. Run and jump while balancing on the ball. Dodge the spikes in order to reach the end of each stage. Each stage you pass the balls will spin faster. In this game you can play up to 5 players, use gamepad, adjust the brightness of the background and choose difficulty. During the gameplay you only need to use 1 button, just for jump. See how many points you can do on solo play or with family / friends. See if you can be a true ninja of JumpBall....
Retail price: $3.99
In ZRoll you will encounter many difficult levels. You will need to jump over the platforms, use different mechanisms and collect ancient totems to earn achievements and pass the levels. The game has several levels. Each level can be passed with different time of day and weather.- Challenging levels- 300 achievmentsEmoticonsTrading Cards...
Retail price: $0.99
The Growth Journey
A game about permanent growth. Once you grow, you cannot shrink. Hitting something means death. There are blue colored zones, (grow zones) each letting you grow a fixed number of times (displayed inside the zone) by a certain percentage. And then there are green colored zones, (gates) which will only let you through if you are of a certain size. (displayed inside the gate) So growing up has its advantages and disadvantages....
Retail price: $3.99
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